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Read this book with a child you love

(and win a signed copy)

- by Sherry Barnes –

Nathan Anderson, formerly of Bundaberg has created a children’s book with the meaning on each page (including the mirror at the end) speaking to individuals with a message that resonates with all.
“Reading and sharing this book with any child you love will only further strengthen your bond,” he said. “Each time it is read, each statement is clear and powerful, reinforcing resilience, self-belief and optimism.”

Formerly of Bundaberg, Nathan was born to an Indo-Chinese mother and Australian father and attended Norville Primary School, then Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane. His father, a retired doctor, and mother, a school nurse, still live at Gooburrum. “Married to Nirja, a beautiful Nepali, I’ve experienced first-hand the diversity in the world and with two strong and loving sisters, particularly the role women play in our lives.” “I’m inspired by the beauty and strength of people from different cultures but saddened by the disparity of poverty and inequality I’ve witnessed.”

Dedicated volunteer
Nathan is a recruitment specialist at Virgin Airlines who nominated him for a CEO for his community work and publication of I Am. Nathan will donate a percentage of its profits to various charities which protect, promote and change the lives of women and children in disadvantaged communities in Australia, Nepal and Africa. He received a Queensland Flood and Cyclone Citation for his efforts during the Brisbane floods and volunteers at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. You can order copies now and find out more about I Am at www.iambook.org.